How can i download older version of Windows(Version 1909) iso file .

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I have updated my windows 10 home to version 2004 but after then my laptop drivers seems to not support properly with windows , what have i tried

  1. Rolling back the update feature in HP BIOS (Didnt Work)
  2. Downloaded latest Drivers From official HP site (Works for 1 day properly than after that back to the problem )
  3. Re-installing Windows (Works fine but after few days after a Few HP updates the error came OS not found in hard disk while a restart)

Please help me out is there any link to download windows with version 1909

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  1. ste@nufc 56 Reputation points

    Easy way is to download a program called RUFUS it's a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives. Open it up & in the top right you will see a box what says. (#1) SELECT Click on the arrow pointing down next to SELECT & choose the DOWNLOAD Option & then click the (#2) DOWNLOAD Button what you have just selected. A new box will open up select (#3) Windows 10 if not already selected & press Continue & their you go. A new tab has appeared Called (#4) Release click on that & there are all Win10 versions to choose from. Select 19H2 (Build 18363.418 - 2019.11) that's the final 1909 press Continue a new tab will appear (#5) Edition just select Home/Pro or Education & press Continue new tab again select your (#6) Language last new tab will appear select (#7) x64bit or x86bit. (#8) DONT tick the Download using a browser box leave it empty then just click the (#9) DOWNLOAD Button & save the ISO were you like



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  2. Molly Lu 591 Reputation points


    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A.
    The Microsoft website now offers only the latest version of Win 10 (Version 2004).
    If you want to download previous versions such as 1903, 1909, etc., you need to go to Visual Studio subscription or the Volume Licensing Service Center.
    Visual Studio
    Volume Licensing Service Center —— Download Windows 10 Website under More Download options

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  3. Kapil Arya 7,416 Reputation points MVP


    If it has been less than 10 days to your upgrade, you can downgrade back to V1909. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Go back to previous version > Get started.

    Else, if you've Visual Studio subscription, you can download V1909 using it.

    You can also contact your HP support regarding driver support.


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  4. Dave Patrick 426.1K Reputation points MVP

    Easiest may be to use the manufacturer supplied installation media. The only public download on is the latest (2004) version. Other options may be the volume licensing center or via visual studio subscription downloads (assuming you have access).

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  5. StanglGabriel-2458 1 Reputation point

    Should be that 1909 is available. I run the latest windows on a metal MSI souped up machine at home, but when I am at work it is being emulated on my Samsung "Winner" aka the Galaxy Fold. I cannot believe that virtualization is possible but I have Windows 8.1(32 bit) in my pocket and I feel like a real winner. Thank you for making such a stylish and vibrant system that is synonymous with being secure as well. Sure I would love to virtualize 10 on my device and I heard 1909 might just work lord knows why. But I am lucky enough to have 8 with me and hope that in the future Microsoft considers my use case. Or better yet work with Samsung on making a Galaxy Fold that runs Windows (S?) like the book already does.

    Finally I work on superfast jetliners and having windows around means I am much better equipped to do my job. Please also consider integrating the color scheme features and fluid Task Changing features found in 8. I love telling Microsoft how aweso.e Windows is. My original reason for the phone was to install E-Sword to read the King James, but there are so many other uses. Don't give up to Android what is not Androids to have, come back to the world of devices and humans that deserve to have the excellence of Windows.

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