Operation Manager 2019 monitoring with SCOM 2016 agents

Aswin Thomas(UST,IN) 426 Reputation points

Hi Everyone,

We have migrated to a new domain with SCOM 2019. Older domain is in SCOM 2016. Is it possible to use the 2016 agents for monitoring in SCOM 2019.

Do we have any impacts if we monitor like this or is it mandatory to upgrade agents to SCOM 2019.

Now we are planning to update to Roll up 3 in SCOM 2019. If the 2016 Roll up 8 agents coming under pending management will upgrade to 2019 automatically or do we need to uninstall and reinstall the agents. Currently the monitoring is carried out via SCOM 2016 and 2019 infra.

We are planning to retire SCOM 2016 infra on old domain once SCOM 2019 infra is stable and finetuning is completed.


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Operations Manager
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  1. Ruud van den Hooff 81 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    There is one thing to keep in mind that won't work properly if you are still using older agents and that is agent initiated maintenance mode. SCOM 2016 uses for this a solution using a registry key and SCOM 2019 does it with events. So if you initiate maintenance mode from a SCOM 2016 agent using Start-SCOMAgentMaintenanceMode

    This goes a bit in detail how to use that CMDlet, however it is a bit outdated : https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/51574.scom-enabling-maintenance-mode-from-agent-computer.aspx

    If you are not using this feature then this is at least one thing less to worry about.

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  1. Andrew Blumhardt 9,491 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    You want to dual-home SCOM 2019 and SCOM 2016 agents as part of a migration?

    You probably won't find an official support statement but I imagine that should work; at least as a temp solution. A little testing just to verify. Older agents usually aren't an issue. I have seen issues with older SCOM systems using significantly newer agents. Watch for high CPU from the agent on DCs and SQL. These versions are not too far off in my opinion.

    To your point, a UR update on SCOM 2019 or an Azure Monitor integration could cause the agents to update sooner than expected. Though I don't believe the UR will upgrade the agents automatically. The SCOM admins will be tempted by pending actions at least. Most of these questions will be better verified with some limited testing rather than documentation.

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