RAISERROR Syntax in a SQL Server Stored Procedure

Bobby P 221 Reputation points

I read about using the RAISERROR hack when using a SQL Server Stored Procedure that goes across a Linked Server.

Just wondering what the Syntax is for RAISERROR within a SQL Server Stored Procedured.

Thanks for your review and am hopeful for a reply.


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  1. Faizan Ahmad Khan 1 Reputation point

    RAISERROR used to define custom error message . this error message can be printed from stored procedure when validation failed

    RAISEERROR ('invalid ProductID' 5001, 2)

  2. LiHong-MSFT 9,996 Reputation points

    Hi,@Bobby P
    RAISERROR is used to throw an exception or error.
    For example,you can add ERROR CHECKS in stored procedure,like this:

    IF (@type_id IS NULL)  
       RAISERROR ('Parameter ''role_type_id'' can not be null.' , 16, 1) WITH NOWAIT  
       RETURN 1  

    Please refer to this document for more details.

    Best regards,

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  3. Bobby P 221 Reputation points

  4. Bobby P 221 Reputation points

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