Point all member server to logon to spicfic DC

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Hey everyone,

we got a new client who has 4 DCs, three DCs writeable including GC, and one is read-only which also include GC.
the environment is one forest and one domain.
all domain controller in the same site.

There is a lot of disconnections from domain from servers and client, because all mess with DCs.
for example if SRV-01 set logonserver to DC-03 and DC-03 make a reboot then disconnection happened of apps which located on SRV-01, then it's take a around 15 minutes only to connect to SRV-01

we would like to configure that all member servers would connect\set logonserver to specific DC the fsmo holder.
what is the way to do that?

and generally what is the best practice to work in environment like this?

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    The DClocator process helps member machine to identify the closest domain controller based on AD sites and subnets configuration.
    It's recommended to add many domain controllers in order to ensure the high availability.
    If are facing a issue on DC-03 you can create a new AD site to isolate it. The client will contact automatically through DC locator process one of healthy DC, if its subnet is assigned on AD site of healthy DCs.

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  1. Dave Patrick 426.1K Reputation points MVP

    Difficult to say for sure what this means but a simpler / more robust solution may be to stand up an alternate domain controller at each site.

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