Application Insights doesnt capture the class Name, Method etc from application log

Manayath, Jovin 21 Reputation points

I am trying to configure the Application Insights in my Java Application. The logs are going into the Application Isights, but it doesn't capture all the info from the logs like method name, line number etc.

For example,
actual log from application,
01:33:21 main INFO org.hibernate.Version logVersion:44 - HHH000412: Hibernate ORM core version 5.4.17.Final

Logs going into the Application Insights.
{"ver":1,"name":"Message","time":"2022-01-19T01:33:21.84Z","iKey":"79711330-d3a7-45f0-bec4-ee9489ae28bb","tags":{"ai.internal.sdkVersion":"java:3.2.4","":"RunId:-703","":"663549a66c4997600ced2a378044a48d","":"adds"},"data":{"baseType":"MessageData","baseData":{"ver":2,"message":"HHH000412: Hibernate ORM core version 5.4.17.Final","severityLevel":"Information","properties":{"fileName":"BatchRunExecutor-qj08102838","LoggerName":"org.hibernate.Version","LoggingLevel":"INFO","SourceType":"Logger","ThreadName":"main","dirName":"nodir"}}}}

It is missing the method name, line number etc. So How to enforce Application Insights to capture all these info.
I am using applicationinsights-agent-3.2.4.jar to push the logs.

Thanks in advance for the help

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  1. Vitaly Gorbenko 76 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Manayath, Jovin ,

    Per Application Insights nomenclature, the trace event you are looking at is just a quick message (string) that has no details like class/method names, performance measurements, or any similar information. While it is possible to append any extra details to the log message body itself, doing so today would be a responsibility of the logging code.

    At the same time, the code-level details that you are describing are represented by Application Insights Performance Profiler traces. We currently collect them for the .NET apps; capturing Java profiler traces is on the roadmap and will be available in the future. If you want to join our early private preview, please register at We will notify you when preview for Java becomes available.

    Performance Trace Screenshot

    Thank you,
    Vitaly Gorbenko
    Application Insights PM

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