Error while converting XML date data to SQL column data.

Gani_tpt 1,261 Reputation points

I am trying to insert XML date data to SQL table.

my XML field is "DateRelieved" and its XML element value is "2022-02-25T00:00:00.000Z"

My SQL Table column name is "DateRelieved" and its data type is DateTime.

while processing the code through .net getting below error.

'The given value of type String from the data source cannot be converted to type datetime of the specified target column.'

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  1. Jack J Jun 22,306 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    @Gani_tpt , based on my test, I find that I can still convert your xml value to DateTime field by your code.

    I used the following database design:

    Also, I used the folllowing code:

            DataSet dataSet = new DataSet();  
            string connstr = @"connstr";  
            SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(connstr);  
            SqlBulkCopy copy = new SqlBulkCopy(connection);  
            copy.DestinationTableName = "Employee";  
            copy.ColumnMappings.Add("EmpRetired", "EmpRetired");  
            copy.ColumnMappings.Add("CurrentStatus", "CurrentStatus");  
            copy.ColumnMappings.Add("DateRelieved", "DateRelieved");  
            copy.ColumnMappings.Add("EmpId", "EmpId");  
            copy.ColumnMappings.Add("SearchRes_Id", "SearchRes_Id");  

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  1. Karen Payne MVP 30,441 Reputation points

    Have you tried to convert, something like this?

    static void Main(string[] args)
        XElement element = new("DateRelieved", "2022-02-25T00:00:00.000Z");
        DateTime parsed = (DateTime)element;
  2. Olaf Helper 27,301 Reputation points

    SqlBCopy1.ColumnMappings.Add(col1.ColumnName, col1.ColumnName);

    Why do you think there is just one table/+1 column.
    I see the relation SearchRes => Employee => 3 properties.