Loads of huge ASPNETCORE*.tmp files created

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I have an ASP.NET 3.1 Razor site that's been running just fine for a year or two.

Today, the server admin told me that he had to reboot the server because it had become unresponsive and he noticed a load of large ASPNETCORE*.tmp files (all around 2GB) in a temp folder. He worked out which site it was, and killed the IIS process, at which point the server became responsive again and the files disappeared. However, it quickly started writing them out again.

As far as I can see from searching around, these temporary files are when a large request comes in, and IIS writes them out, deleting them again when the request is done. However, this puzzles me, as the site is pretty simple, and doesn't make large requests. There's nothing in the code that could do that (as far as I can see).

Something else that puzzles me is that he pulled the following out of IIS...


Two things spring to mind...

1) I don't have a handler named Matches in the Product.cshtml.cs file, so I don't know why IIS doesn't just send back a 404. If I run the site in Visual Studio and enter that URL, I get the 404 page.

2) Assuming that the last column is milliseconds, then it means that these requests are taking around 35 minutes to execute! That would explain why the files hang around for so long and cause problems, but I really have no idea why a request could take that long.

That's all on top of the question as to why the requests are so large. Unfortunately, we can't access any of these temp files to see what's in them, as IIS has them open.

Anyone able to advise how we diagnose this issue? It's currently killing the server, and causing awful performance on a busy site.

Thanks for any help you can give. If there's any more information I can give, please let me know.

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