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I'm working on reports in ProMonitor, a student information database that has a module which can generate, import and render RDL files to display data. It's possible the issue I'm going to describe is due to ProMonitor rather than something that's innate to RDL files, but it has rendered everything else I've thrown at it from report builder and I'd like to eliminate human error.

The subreport contains a tablix with two columns. The body of the report is 5x1cm, the page size is 6x2cm, the margins and the body add to less than the page size, which is the main issue I've read about causing subreports to display to the wrong size.
The main report contains a tablix, and the subreport is in the rightmost column in the main data group of the tablix.
When I run the report, the cell containing the subreport gets inflated out to the right, as if there's another empty column in the subreport, or the body size of the subreport is much larger than it should be. The subreport data gets loaded correctly and even in the right location: the whole thing could fit on one page but it's rendering with much greater width, creating a horizontal scrollbar when viewed online or spilling to a second page when downloaded to PDF or word.

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  1. Joyzhao-MSFT 15,566 Reputation points

    Hi @Timothy Linward ,
    I did a test locally and when I insert a subreport in the second column in Tablix, the right side of the subreport cell is rendered with too much white space.

    We could switch to a subreport and change its rendering behavior in the main report by resizing the subreport's report body. Switch to the subreport, and in the property bar, set the Size of the report body. Make sure the subreport is in the report body.

    Report Body Properties of Subreport:


    Then we switch to the main report, at this time preview, the subreport cells render normally.

    Best Regards,

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