InPlace Upgrade DC Windows 2019 to Windows Server 2022

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I have 3 DCs with Windows Server 2019 and want to upgrade(InPlace) to Windows Server 2022. As I know the Schema is by both OS 88.
Should I run any Adprep /ForestPrep or Adprep /DomainPrep ??

I am not sure but I dont think so. What should I note by the Upgrading?

Is there any guide step by step?



Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2019
A Microsoft server operating system that supports enterprise-level management updated to data storage.
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    Could you tell why should I not inplace Upgrade? On twoof my DCs holds no FSMOs

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  2. PerserPolis-1732 1,326 Reputation points

    I am not satisfied with your answer why InPlace Upgrade is not recommended. As I wrote, My two DCs doesnt hold any FSMOs, Only my third DC holds all of FSMOs

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    Hi @PerserPolis-1732

    A clean install is the simplest way to install Windows Server, where you install on a blank server or overwrite an existing operating system, but you will need to back up your data first and plan to reinstall your applications.

    In-place OS upgrade is a costly, time-consuming, error-prone, and complex option. The simple truth is that they are not and can never be reliable. First, you have to make the huge assumption that every software package initially installed on a system was packaged 100% correctly. This is never true. There are always packages with logic errors in them or that write to files they forget to mention in their package spec file. Writing package scripts is an incredibly unglamorous job, and is always assigned to the most junior developer on any software team.

    Hope this resolves your Query!!


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