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Fabian Lewalder 11 Reputation points


I am trying to accept an invitation to appcenter, but if I select my work account (this one), I receive an "OOPS" message, with the following text:
Account with this email is already associated with another identity provider: aad

My colleagues in the same project can log in without problems.

What do I need to do, to log into appcenter?

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Fabian Lewalder

Microsoft Entra ID
Microsoft Entra ID
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  1. Marilee Turscak-MSFT 35,541 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Fabian Lewalder ,

    I understand that you are having trouble logging into the Microsoft App Center and receiving the error, "Account with this email is already associated with another identity provider."

    The error you are hitting is a known and documented issue. This issue started happening as of June 2021 when the App Center team implemented a tighter security policy for logins to the App Center portal. App Center binds each account only with a single identity provider. The association is created in the system during account registration and cannot be changed. If you used an identity provider such as GitHub, Facebook, or Google when you initially created your account, the system the system secured that authentication method (such as GitHub) as the only valid authentication method. Even if the same email address is used with a different Identity provider, the system rejects anything other than the original one.

    We can’t tell from the error which ID you used, so you will have to try them one by one. To resolve this, I recommend trying these steps:

    • Log in with each identity provider one by one
    • Open a fresh incognito window each time or clear the browser cache before each login attempt.

    If you wish to use a different associated identity provider, the only option is to close the original account and re-create it again since the system does not allow you to change the associated identity provider.

    Let me know if this helps resolve the issue.

    For documentation of this error and the troubleshooting steps, you can refer to Troubleshooting: Account is already associated with another identity provider

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  2. Michele Bethke 5 Reputation points

    My team just did trouble-shooting on this same issue with some testers. A few testers received this "Oops" error. They were successfully able to get into App Center by selecting "Sign in with email" on the Sign In page, rather than using the "Sign in with an identity provider" (GitHub, Personal company or School, Facebook, Google).

    So give it a try: From, choose "Sign in with email" link. Enter your email and cross your fingers.

    (If that does not work, you could also try signing in with each of the identity providers, as noted in the Microsoft employee's response above.)

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  3. Fabian Lewalder 11 Reputation points

    Hi @Marilee Turscak-MSFT ,

    Thanks for your answer so far. I have never used App Center so far and just tried to accept an invitation by creating a new account based on my company AD account on which I received the invitation mail.

    I tried both "New here?" to create a new account and to just Sign in using "Personal, Company or School" Account - both lead to this error. So it sounds like the System already knows an account with my company mail via another identity provider "aad". Switching to a private tab didn't work, either, and I do not want to use any other identity provider than my company account.

    Obviously I cannot close my company ad account, so that part of the troubleshooting is not going to work, either. And I have not created any other app center account (not knowingly, that is).

    Is there any other way to get behind the problem?

    Best regards,