How to get Path Data from Path

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I create Path from XAML:

Next I want to get Path data from the UIElement and show to the user.
How to get Path data from UIElement?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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    Welcome to our Microsoft Q&A platform!

    For Windows Runtime XAML, the move and draw commands produce a PathGeometry, you can get it by using myPath.Data, the PathGeometry has a single PathFigure object with a Figures property value. Each draw command produces a PathSegment derived class in that single PathFigure's Segments collection, the move command changes the StartPoint, you can get the point value and operation by checking every PathSegment like below. And for more details about Path.Data, you can refer to Move and draw commands syntax.

    PathGeometry pp = myPath.Data as PathGeometry;  
    PathFigureCollection figures = pp.Figures;  
    foreach (var figure in figures)  
        PathSegmentCollection segs = figure.Segments;  
        foreach (PathSegment seg in segs)  
            //point or other operation  

    In addition, you can refer to this link to check how to add xaml code.

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