How to use Microsoft Graph API from a Kotlin Android Studio project to read in Excel files stored in OneDrive?

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Hi everyone,

I recently started programming Android apps in Kotlin with Android Studio. Now I want to write an app that reads in data of an excel sheet that is stored within OneDrive (e.g. print out cell A1 within my app). I read that Microsoft provides the Graph API in order to programatically interact with many Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook, OneDrive, Excel and so on.

Reading what is written on the website / documentation of the Graph API ( gave me the impression, that what I´m trying to do should be possible. The problem is that I only found some REST API request and response statements. But what I am actually looking for is how to implement these functionalities in a specific programming language like Kotlin or Java. I found some code snippets on this website in Java, but none in Kotlin. Java would be ok, too, as Kotlin is pretty compatible with Java. But still I only found some code snippets and not a comprehensive documentation on how to build these functionalities in Java.

Is there any more information / comprehensive documentation how to use the Graph API in order to access Excel file information with Kotlin/Java? Or maybe anybody of you has already done that and could give me some valuable advice?

I would be very glad if someone could help me!

Kind regards,

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