Excel for Mac v 16.57 not able to reference data from one sheet to another

Jason Hawthorne 1 Reputation point

For some reason, I cannot do a simple =Sheet1!A1 on a cell in another sheet to call the contents of that cell.

When I type the formula it gives me a #ref error and pulls up the downloads folder in Finder asking me to help it find Sheet1 on my Mac. This doesn't make any sense!

Is this some kind of error with the latest update and if so when will it be fixed.

Something is very wrong if I can't perform this simple action.

Please help - Thanks!

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  1. Emi Zhang-MSFT 21,391 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Jason Hawthorne ,
    Did you type =Sheet1!A1 directly in cell? Only =Sheet1!A1 in cell?
    Where did you save the file?
    Did this problem appear in all Workbooks or specific Workbook?
    I suggest you save Workbook to desktop and create a new Workbook.
    Try 2 ways to enter the =Sheet1!A1, type and reference.
    Please be a bit more precise to explain your problem or you can upload a screenshot so that I can get more accurate solutions to this problem. I’m glad to help and follow up your reply.

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  2. OssieMac 411 Reputation points

    The error is returned and it opens the window to select the required file if there is an error in the spelling of the Sheet name either in the sheet tab name or the formula.

    Are you sure that you don't have a space between Sheet and 1 or a leading or trailing space on the name. Could also be another non printable (non displayable) character in either the Sheet tab name or the formula.

    Try deleting the tab name entirely and re-enter it as it should be. Are you aware that you can simply type the equals sign in a cell and then change sheets and select the required cell and then the Sheet name in both the worksheet tab and the formula will automatical;ly populate with the sheet name and cell reference and hence they will match.

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