Better OS info and system type info etc.

Bonno Bloksma 1 Reputation point

We haven been using BgInfo for lots of years. However somewhere around Windows server 2013 R2 I have thought the OS info and related fields like system type give inadequate info.

For years I have had my own vbscript to create the OS info field I want by just getting the proper info. But why can the current OS info field not do that?
How hard is it to have the OS info field tell me whether I am on a Windows 2019 Standard or Datacenter server, or some other version? When I am on a client I want to know if it is a Pro, Enterprise or other Windows license. That info is in the Windows version string but it gets stripped before BgInfo puts it in the OS field.

Why does the system type field produce the same wrong info for the past 10+ years? Even when I am on a domain joined server the System type info is Server, Stand-alone, Terminal server. The fact I am on a server is already in the current limited OS field, that stand-alone info is plain wrong and every system can now be acessed via RDP but is NOT a termimal server. Also according to BgInfo every Windows 10 client is now a terminal server, NOT!

How do I know what version of Windows 10 I am on? It is rather important to know if it is a 1809 or a 20H1 version of Windows 10. The same might be true of a Window server version. Whay can BgInfo not produce that info? Or can it?

The servicepack info is obsolete, but maybe a last successfull patch date.

BgInfo is a usefull tool, we still use it a lot. But please can it be made a bit more current?
I love to keep using it but it seems I need to program more and more myself to get the relevant info on my screen. Isn't that what BgInfo is supposed to do for me?

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  1. Bonno Bloksma 1 Reputation point

    Oh, and why does my WinVer.vbs script tell me I am on a "Windows server 2022 Standard" system but does the OS info field tell me I am on a "Windows Server 2016" system.
    That is plain wrong too. :-(

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  2. Michael Taylor 47,716 Reputation points

    The Terminal Server indicator has always meant the OS had the TS subsystem enabled. This has been true in the OS since at least Vista so all versions of the OS are technically TS now. This is how the Win32 API returns it as well.

    As for the OS versioning, it was moved to a different place. Hence BGinfo is looking at the wrong location now. Refer to this post that someone already made about it.

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