Discrepancy between .Net SDK version shown on the website and Display version shown on the Registry

Dhanraj D 6 Reputation points

Hi There,

When we install Microsoft .Net SDK 6.0.100, the display version available on the registry is "".But, the actual version that is mentioned on the website is "6.0.100".

Even the products that are included in the SDK like ".NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.0" have a different display version on the registry than what is shown on the website.

For example:- The ".NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.0", installed part of "Microsoft .Net SDK 6.0.100" installation has the display version of "48.3.31217" on the registry but the standalone version has the display version of "".

We would like to know why this contradiction between the standalone version of the products and the ones which are part of SDK.

We also want to know why there is a difference between the version mentioned on the website and the one available on the registry for SDK itself.

Please refer to 168261-sdk.png168246-desktop-runtime-installed-part-of-sdk.png168070-desktop-runtime-standalone.pngthe screenshots.

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  1. Bruce (SqlWork.com) 31,816 Reputation points

    the registery setting are only used by the windows installer and uninstaller for dotnet

    on windows there are typically three runtimes:


    each is its own folder, and contains a folder for each installed runtime.

    to know what is installed its:

    dotnet --list-runtimes
    dotnet --list-sdks

  2. Jiachen Li-MSFT 11,881 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Dhanraj D ,
    Overview of how .NET is versioned
    The .NET Runtime and the .NET SDK add new features at different frequencies. In general, the SDK is updated more frequently than the Runtime.
    Options for dotnet by itself
    Please use
    dotnet --list-sdks to print out a list of the installed .NET SDKs.
    dotnet--list-runtimes to prints out a list of the installed .NET runtimes. An x86 version of the SDK lists only x86 runtimes, and an x64 version of the SDK lists only x64 runtimes.

    Best Regards.
    Jiachen Li

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  3. Dhanraj D 6 Reputation points

    Thanks @Jiachen Li-MSFT ,

    Yeah, the reason is if I want to install "Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime" of version "6.0.0", I can simply take the version from the website itself and put it in the script to find out the machines which have lower version. In this case, I would simply check for the machines which have "Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime" with a version lesser than "6.0.0".

    But, in the case of SDK, I can not make this logic just with the version available on the website. I need to know the exact version that is getting installed for which I need to install the product manually and I need to use that version to find out the machines which have a lower version of SDK than the targetted version of SDK. It makes my life a bit difficult.

    For SDK 6.0.100, I can not simply use the version given on the website. Because the actual version that is getting installed is different.

    Thanks again for your time.



    If SDK followed semantic versioning, it would have been a lot better for me.