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Hello Community,

First, sorr for my english. I hope you will understand. :)

In my work, I often use the links between a Word file and an Excel file. In fact, each of our computer files has an Excel sheet as well as a Word document. Each of the Excel tables is pasted into Word with the "paste special" option, allowing a link to be created so that the tables update automatically when changes are made.

Today, when we copy/paste an Excel table into a Word document, the link works but not the updates; that is, in the Word document when we double click on an Excel table, the Excel file opens at the table location. On the other hand, when we make a change in the Excel document and we want to update it in Word, the update does not happen.

The weird thing is that when I do exactly the same thing but with documents on my desktop, the links work. As soon as I move these documents to servers, it doesn't work anymore. Do you know why this happens? Do you need more information? But above all, what can I do to make the update work?

For your information, here is the copy/paste procedure:

In Excel:
Select the table, then Copy

In Word:
Paste the table with the "paste special" option:

To update the table in Word, right click on the table then :

Thanks in advance

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  1. Emily Hua-MSFT 27,526 Reputation points

    Hi @Miro Dimi

    Welcome to Q&A forum ~

    > To update the table in Word, right click on the table then :

       According to this description, please right click the table > Linked Worksheet Object > Links, check whether the "Automacti Update" option is selected.  
       I also suggest you add the file location on the server as **[a Trusted Location][2]** on Word using a UNC path of the form: `\\server_name\folder_name`.  
       Any updates, you can let me know.  
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       [1]: /api/attachments/168552-capture37.jpg?platform=QnA  
       [2]: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/add-remove-or-change-a-trusted-location-7ee1cdc2-483e-4cbb-bcb3-4e7c67147fb4#:~:text=Add%20a%20trusted%20location

  2. Miro Dimi 1 Reputation point

    Hi, sorry for my late answer. I tried yesterday and it's not the answer that i am looking for as it dosen't work...
    It is very strange, because we are 8 people working on the same documents and it only work for one person. The other one we have the same problem.

  3. Kim 0 Reputation points

    I got the same problem that links won't get updated if excel file is saved on server. Hope there is solution

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