Win11 cannot automatically recognize my keyboard

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I recently purchased Dell Alienware R13 that preinstalls Win 11 pro. This Win 11 system fails to recognize my USB keyboard (Topre realforce 104UG).

When I open system-->device, I can see that the error messages says that my realforce keyboard has a driver error. I tried to remove the device in system->device, and scan for hardware change in Device manager. The device manager can install the HID device driver for me and make my keyboard work. BUT It only works until I shut down my comuptuer, and I have to repeat this process to make my keyboard work after power on or restart Win 11.

Is there any way to make the system automatically recognize my keyboard? It is EXTREMELY ANNOYING to handle those drivers every time I boot the system.

Thank you!

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  1. S.Sengupta 14,561 Reputation points MVP

    You may test it by using a different USB port.

    kindly go through the following Microsoft article:

    Troubleshoot common USB problems