microsoft-ds user smb port 445 > personal Apple MacBook Pro (not a 'corporate' device)

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I have a MacBook Pro with the latest version of the OS running. A root user 'SMB' is currently logged in port 445 (microsoft-ds) wide open, logging and running on my home network. I have zero Windows Applications installed on my MacBook Pro.

There is an associated user 'SMB' with this service. The SMB user has my MacBook Pro rooted. It also appears there is a 'windows server' connected to my MacBook via my home network.

It appears that I may have a severe security issue considering I am an Apple user, not Microsoft (with the exception of my 'work / corporate' account).


I am seriously concerned about the safety and security of my family.

Can anyone provide any additional detail on what is happening?

I would like to report this issue to the authorities but am unsure how to explain - in simple terms - what is happening or going on with Microsoft.

Thank you.

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