Are replicaId-partitionId pairs unique across all nodes in a given Service Fabric Cluster?

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I am writing an application that utilizes the FabricClient.QueryClient.GetReplicaListAsync() Method. I'm using the overload which takes a partitionId and replicaIdOrInstanceIdFilter and wanted to clarify if it's possible for the call to ever match multiple replicaId-partitionId pairs across different nodes of the cluster? In other words, is a replicaId-partitionId pair unique to the entire Service Fabric Cluster or just to the node that pair is hosted on? I realize that the method returns a ServiceReplicaList but in my experience, I've never had more than one replica returned for the replicaId-partitionId pair specified.

I apologize if I missed any documentation that explains this subject in detail and if so, I would greatly appreciate any links to them! Thank you!

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