Manage shared computers with DSC?

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Hi all,

We curentlly have around 500 shared computers that are located in our conference rooms.
These computers are installed and managed by SCCM, but we have noticed some issues with this. Unfortionatelly all users are local admin on these clients...

Main issues we are facing are that the agent for ConfigMgr stops working from time to time since they rarelly are rebooted or shutdown for longer periods of time so the object gets calssified as dead...

Would it be possible to use DSC to "reset" these clients when the user loggs of or if the client is rebooted? I would need some help to get started with a concept for this...

These computers are mainly used by users who are using stationary computers or Linux based clients in work when the book a room for a Teams meeting.

Best regards

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  1. Sherry Kissinger 3,801 Reputation points

    Curious... they don't reboot, not even monthly, for monthly patching? That usually gets at least one reboot every 30 days or so.

    If you mean "sometimes these computers are shutdown for days/weeks/months", then it should resolve fine when it powers on again... as long as the object still belongs to your domain, and the CM Sitecode is still there, the CM Client should just re-register, heartbeat, and get policies again.

    Alternatively, do some web searching for the multiple "Client Health" type of scripts, GPO startup scripts for CM Client Health, or other methods other people have used and customized over the years to "keep cm clients healthy". Basically... I don't think you need to reinvent anything. There are lots of scripted methods out there already for maintaining CM client health.

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