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As part of my work, we occasionally send large batches out emails to contacts we work with. We use a script to attach files to them and Work Offline, so we can review them after they're set in our mailbox.

We recently started using a second mailbox for these, but when we set the mail merge, it still goes to the original outbox/mailbox account, resulting in us copy/pasting into the correct outbox for compliance purposes. When we do this, it changes the sending timing from Immediately to None. Is there any way to batch send the files once they've been moved to the correct outbox? The Send/Receive command hasn't been working.

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    Use the Merge with Attachments facility on my Merge Tools Add-in that is contained in the MERGE TOOLS file that you can download from the following page of my One Drive:

    Extract the files from the archive and read the:

    “READ ME – Setting up and using the Merge Tools Add-in.pdf

    to see how to install and use the various tools.

    It will allow you to select the account from which the messages will be sent and also has an option to save the messages to a Drafts>Merge Tools folder so that you can check them. If they or OK, the best way to send them is to use the facility again, this time checking the Send Now option.

    Using those tools, it is possible to perform the following types of merge that cannot be done with Mail Merge “out-of-the-box”:

    ● Merge to e-mail messages either with or without attachments, with the documents created by the merge being sent as either Word or PDF attachments or as the body of the e-mail message.
    ● Merge to individual documents in either Word or PDF format with the filenames being supplied by the data in one of the fields in the data source
    ● Many to One type merges, which can be used for creating documents such as invoices where there are multiple records in the data source that have common data in one of the fields
    ● Merging to a document that will include a chart that is unique to each record in the data source
    ● Merging a document with Content Controls
    ● Merging a document that contains Legacy FormFields
    ● Duplex Merges
    ● Merging to a printer that will collate and staple the output created from each record in the data source.

    The requirements for using the system are:

    ● The mail merge main document must be of the Letters type, though that does not mean that the output cannot be sent as an e-mail message where relevant.
    ● For the Many To One, Merge with Attachments and Merge to Individual Docs utilities, the data source may be either a table or query in an Access database, or in the form of an Excel worksheet. For the Chart Merge utility, see the Mail Merging with Charts document that is included in the Merge Tools Add-in Zip file for additional requirements for the data source for use with that utility
    ● For a data source in the form of an Excel worksheet, the field names must be in the first row of the worksheet and there must be a field name in all of the cells in that row that are within the range of columns that contain the data.
    ● For both types of data source, the field names must contain only alphanumeric characters (No @,#,$,%,&,(,), etc) and the field names must not start with a numeric character (0-9). The number of characters in the field names, including spaces, must not be more than 40.

    For a demonstration of the use of the facility, prepared by a Microsoft employee, see

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