How to Cannot bind parameter 'lockToken' in Azure Fucntion app in .net framework?

ashish fugat 11 Reputation points

I was using .net core Azure function app no problem faced with the below code.

But when i create a azure function app using .net framework it is throwing below error kindly guide.

I tried all possible google solutions.

        public static async System.Threading.Tasks.Task RunAsync([ServiceBusTrigger("topic", "sub", Connection = "ConnectionStringSettingName")]Message mySbMsg, string lockToken, MessageReceiver messageReceiver, ILogger log)
            log.LogInformation($"C# ServiceBus topic trigger function processed message: {mySbMsg}");            

error -

Error indexing method 'Function1.RunAsync'. Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Host: Cannot bind parameter 'lockToken' to type Guid. Make sure the parameter Type is supported by the binding. If you're using binding extensions (e.g. ServiceBus, Timers, etc.) make sure you've called the registration method for the extension(s) in your startup code (e.g. config.UseServiceBus(), config.UseTimers(), etc.).

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  1. Ryan Hill 16,076 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @ashish fugat my guess is that it's the difference between Functions 1.x which works with .NETFX and >2.x which works with .NETCORE, see here. For ServiceBus trigger, it's stated that 1.x should use BrokeredMessage where LockToken is of type Guid. For 2.x and later, Message should be used instead. However, I could not find LockToken property on that type. I would suggest posting a new issue on the azure webjobs sdk repo to see why the LockToken property was switched from Guid to string.

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