PKI Implications of choosing different KSP/Key Size/Hashing Algo

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In PKI deployments what happens if I pick a different Crypto provider, or change the key length or change the hashing algo?

Is it just a free for all and pick what you want? I note that MD5 is a hashing option but I know that has severe weaknesses for certain purposes so maybe not?

I would guess that SHA512 is better than SHA256, and 4096 bits are better than 2048. Can I just go for it, or will stuff break?

Some CSPs are marked as a smart card CSP, what happens if I pick that but don't have smart card hardware?

Are there pros & cons to changing the crypto provider? Are some better than others?

If anyone can give me a hint, or point me to a good resource I'd be very grateful!

Thanks in advance


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