Reposting: Unable to get ICMPv4 to work on both a Windows 2019 and 2022 server.

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I am reposting this to attract more attention to the issue so that I can hopefully find someone with a fix.... You can search on ICMPv4 and read how my original posted went.

I am back to the same issue I had previously. I have done some additional testing, let me explain the current firewall setup: The Wan NIC is only assigned to the Public Profile. The Lan NIC is only assigned to the Domain and Private profiles. I have removed the custom rules I created for the ICMPv4 inbound and outbound rules.

I have turn on the appropriate Outbound rule and inbound rule for ICMPv4, the default File and Printer Sharing rule. I have mapped a new log file to each profile.

I ping the WAN NIC from an external source.

I checked the public profile log and it clearly shows in the log -> ALLOW ICMP (from IP) (To IP) ..... RECEIVE
I assume this means that the server did receive the Ping request.

I checked the private profile log and there is nothing in it.

I checked the Domain Profile and BINGO I have found the issue the log clearly shows -> DROP ICMP (from IP) (To IP) ..... RECEIVE

So the question is, WHY if the domain profile is not connected to the WAN and the allow rule on Advance tab specifies that the Domain profile should Allow it, does the domain profile DROP the connection?

Any takers on how to fix this issue?

For a little more detail: This server was run SSTP VPN for a long time without any issues, then several weeks ago it just stopped working along with the ICMPv4 responses. I have since removed RRAS and decide to concentrate on getting the ICMPv4 resolved and then put my focus back on the SSTP VPN.

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  1. Johan Pingree 21 Reputation points

    Well, now I feel ridicules as the darn thing is working now.... I last tested this yesterday evening and still could not get a ping. Now it pings just fine and I have no idea what happened overnight to change this. Sorry for the false alarm... Guess I will go to work on getting the SSTP VPN working now...

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