File open in "View" (read-only) regardless of the permission

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Good day

On a Share Point site we use "Quick Links" which link to files in a document library using "Durable link".


Now we want the file to open in "View" (read-only) regardless of the permission. So that the file cannot be accidentally edited by users with edit permissions.


Thanks & greetings Mike

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  1. Elsie Lu_MSFT 9,781 Reputation points

    Hi @mike , welcome to Q&A forum!

    Usually users with Edit permissions can edit files, if you don't want users to be able to edit files at will, I suggest you consider using the "Check out" feature.

    When you check out a file from a SharePoint document library, only you can edit it. You can edit the file either online in Microsoft 365 or offline and save your changes as often as you like before checking the file back in. Once you're done making changes to the file, check it in from the library to upload your changes. You can discard your changes and undo the check-out if you change your mind.

    For more information you could refer to:
    Check out or check in files in a document library


    In my end it works well:

    I use Quick link web part in a page and when I try to edit a file which is checked out by another account (full control):

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  2. mike 1 Reputation point

    Hello ElsieLu-MSFT

    Sorry for my late reply.

    Thanks for the approach. I need to elaborate a bit again.

    Basically we use two SharePoint sites
    a) Document library as a working filer, where collaborative work on documents is done.
    b) Document library to SharePointSite "training platform" to the outside.

    In the work folder (a), collaborative work is done on documents.
    Certain documents are shared with a large group of users on a SharePoint page "Training platform" (b).
    The documents concerned are always finalized in a and then transferred to b.

    Basically, only a very small group of users has "editing rights" on b). The large user group can only "read".
    Now it is however also in such a way that also the small user circle which has "editing rights" consults occasionally these published documents (b).

    Problem: It happens that accidental changes are made. Therefore, an open as viewing would be sufficient for us in principle, since this circle of users is sensitized and so it would be ensured that the documents are inadvertently changed. As described above, the documents are revised in the workfiler as needed.

    "Check out" solution approach: Now to the proposed check-out function. Basically, this fulfills the requirement except for one point.

    • Can a checked out file (b) be replaced by a file from the workfiler (a) and then be checked in again? So far I have uploaded the files, with the same file name or overwritten them in the explorer, which now no longer works. This also not if the file to be replaced was previously checked out by me.
    • If not, is there still another approach?

    Now I hope that this was understandable.

    Thanks & greetings Mike