SQL Server Reporting Services Max of Average?

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So please be patient with me as I am totally new to this topic and software but I am trying to alter a report for a customer.
We have a column that SUMs the value of each day of the week and the puts out the average o fthis week.
Which is easy cause we already have that and its just using a sum(value) / count.of.values. (Sorry those are just my easy expression and not taken from the expression in the reporting.
But in other words. It adds all values of the week and then divides it by the amount of values it added. Which is the average.

Now I need the max and min of this week.
And since we dont have that we dont know how to get the expression.
SQL only provides the max value or the min value. But it doesnt has the "average".
But the customer wants to see the max value IN the average and the min value IN the average summ.
I hope I explained it so you undestand it cause its really hard to explain.

So in other words. SQL Reporting can not fetch the average time. So we have to calculate it ourself. Which is fine.


But now we also have to make a column where it displays the max average value and the min average value.
And I have no idea, cause for that it would need to make a comparission between all those days and for that also save the average for each day.
Which would be a horror big expression.

Any ideas or tips?

This is our calculatio/expression for average:

=Code.FormatHHMMSS(IIF(Sum(Fields!Handled_Waiting_Time_In_Seconds.Value) > 0, (Sum(Fields!Handled_Waiting_Time_In_Seconds.Value) / Sum(Fields!Count_Of_Handled_Contacts.Value)), 0))

From this we want to find the max value and the min value for the week.

SQL Server Reporting Services
SQL Server Reporting Services
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  1. Joyzhao-MSFT 15,561 Reputation points

    Hi @Christian Kelih
    I created a Table as follows:

    Then three new columns were added outside the group, labeled "Avg", "Max" and "Min".
    Three types of expressions are used in the text box. They are:


    The design looks like this:


    By right-click—Expression,the expression is set as follows:


    Our commonly used expressions can usually be found in this interface.

    The final preview is as follows:


    Similarly, you can also combine Avg and Max/Min expressions, like this:


    Best Regards,

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