Row Height changes after filtering

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Excel Office 365 running in client on Windows 10
The worksheet has all columns set to Wrap Text so column width is retained.

Problem Description:

I show all and auto fit rows - everything looks fine.

Then I filter, and the rows no longer auto-fit; instead, the row height remains as it was when the list was unfiltered.

The rows are not the same height; how can I autofit again automatically after filtering?

Note: The filters are triggered by a macro, so potentially adding a line of code to that would be acceptable. Example:

Private Sub iManage_Click()
On Error Resume Next
On Error GoTo 0

Range("A1").AutoFilter Field:=6, Criteria1:="*Imanage*"

Range("A1:Z1000").Sort Key1:=Range("A1"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlYes


End Sub

I can provide a sample but do not see how to do that at this point - if you need one, please say how to upload it.


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  1. Abdel Gonzalez 0 Reputation points

    This was driving me nuts but the clue was in the previous post: the macro. It just does something with the row height that I can't explain. The fix however was to embed code to resize the row height like I wanted.

    For example:

        Rows("61:61").RowHeight = 54.6
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