How to send a message to MS teams from standalone application

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I'm trying to send message to MS teams channel from my application. The documentation sending chat message to msteams channel is all over the place. It's not helpful for developers. I understand that to send message to MS teams first I'll have to configure an auth provider.

Things tried so far:

  1. created an auth provider. In my case I used client auth provider
 // Create an auth provider
      final ClientSecretCredential clientSecretCredential = new ClientSecretCredentialBuilder()

      List<String> scopes = Arrays.asList(MSTEAMS_SCOPE);

      final TokenCredentialAuthProvider tokenCredentialAuthProvider =
          new TokenCredentialAuthProvider(scopes, clientSecretCredential);
  1. Created graph client object
           final GraphServiceClient<Request> graphClient =
  2. Trying to send chat message to Ms Teams

When I'm trying to send the message the code gets stuck at this is part of - package; in line

            final CompletableFuture<String> future = authProvider.getAuthorizationTokenAsync(originalRequest.url().url());

there is no error thrown. Can someone help me understand what am I missing.

PS: I have added the delegated permissions and I'm using my work account to send the request. Also already referred to following documentation

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