Unable to search or sync Folder Redirected Files

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Hi All,
I've run into a wall on an issue we are experiencing on two separate domains.

When going to a folder redirected location (ie. Documents/ desktop) through file explorer, and I attempt to search a file (I usually use the name of the first item in the window) the windows will immediately show "No items match your search".

Now if I go to the network path used in my folder redirection policy of the same location, In this case //server/pcprofiles/username/documents/ and search there, same results. If I instead use the full unc path //server.domain.local/pcprofiles/username/documents or the ip // User is able to search without issue.

Another oddity I've noticed is that if I go to my Offline Files, it will show last sync at the time of login, but if I attempt to manually sync, I get an error "Access is Denied" If I restart it will show successfully synced around the time of the restart, but again will not manually sync.

The issue seems to be occurring for every user, on both domains about 150. Including 2 users that are in the Administrators, and Domain Admin groups.

Folder redirection had been working without known issue for almost 3 years up to this point. GPO is configured to use the "authenticated user" group to assign folder redirection.

User can access and edit there files without issue so I'm not sure where sync center is pulling access denied.

A little background on the state of the domains: Earlier this month I added a new 2019 server (DC-01) to each domain, I demoted our oldest DC's (DC-03) leaving 2 DC's in each domain DC01: Server 2019 and DC02: Server 2012 in one domain and R2 in another. I've set the newest servers as PDC's And have set them as primary DNS and DHCP. The folder redirection share is on the older remaining DC's (DC-02). Sysvol was upgraded to DFSR during the process and Domain level was upped from Server 2008 to Server 2012 on each domain. I identified this issue about a week after the new DC's were added.

Almost all systems are Win10, I've verified and tested issue on 1903 and 20H2.

**Things I've Tested: **
I have attempted changing the folder redirection path to the full unc path and the ip, and the issue follows whichever path is set in folder redirection.

I've attempted pointing the DNS to the old server with no change.

I've found old SVC entries in DNS pointing to non existent IP's and removed them which I thought corrected the issue, but it seems to have returned even though the entries have not.

Removed duplicate capital letter version of DC02 SVC records in DNS, no change.

I've turned off offline files, Deleted the CSC folders and reenabled offline files.

I've rebuilt indexing

I've removed some older group policies that I though might be interfering.

I've moved PDC back to the original server with no change.

Verified group policy replication is in sync. I had to remove and read permission's on most the group policies because I would receive an error saying "SYSVOL permissions of one or more GPO's on this domain controller are not in sync"

Verified permission to the root of shared folder for redirection, no change. Gave test user full access to entire directory, no change. Removed all access not noted in below document https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/storage/folder-redirection/deploy-folder-redirection
This removed several users access, but that is most likely due to the permissions originally setup on the redirected folders being jacked, and I gave them access

Attempted transferring ownership of user folder to administrator, then returned it to user no change for either..

Thanks in advance for any help!

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