Modeling with Dynamic Properties and Form

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Hello and thank you for any help you may provide. I have a problem that is in my head for the past week and that I can't resolve and I will appreciate any help in resolving it.

In my head I would like to classify objects by category and sub-category, and have the sub-category have object properties according to the subtype... for example

OBJECT : Motorcycle => have name like "Harley Davidson 500 Street", etc

Category : Automotive > Subcategory : Motorcycle > THEN subcategory has a set of sub-properties like: Engine, Brand, Color, Price,

OBJECT Handbag => have name like "Gucci Guapisima Wherever Edition", etc

Category : Clothing and Apparel > Subcategory : Brand Handbags > THEN subcategory has a set of sub-properties like: Material, Size, Color, Price,

Not the way I see it is... Most of object share the majority of this structure, like all objects have name, all of them belong to a category and a sub-category, now the problem comes on how to setup properties for each sub-category... for example both objects share the Color and Price but not the other properties. How to make this non-hard-coded? in other words, we know some of the properties are shared between objects, how can we do a model like this and then put this into a form?

I could do a dictionary but in the end, how do I validate them in the form?

Thanks for any help you could provide me.

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  1. Michael Washington 891 Reputation points MVP

    This may help: Blazor Tree Creator with Checkboxes


    The NodeName and the IsSelected show how you can add properties to each element.
    What this doesn't cover is associating those properties to other elements.