Problem during IOT Central device enrollment

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I am facing a problem during the enrollment of my devices in Azure IOT Central application.

I am receiving this error:

    "operationId": "5.2d3155516e00d700.08851641-b679-4a10-86f6-3bafd11e88a6",
    "status": "failed",
    "registrationState": {
        "registrationId": "blablabla",
        "createdDateTimeUtc": "2022-01-31T09:34:56.3518591Z",
        "status": "failed",
        "errorCode": 400207,
        "errorMessage": "Custom allocation failed with status code: 400",
        "lastUpdatedDateTimeUtc": "2022-01-31T09:34:56.6662096Z",
        "etag": "IjI4MDA5ZmJjLTAwMDAtMGQwMC0wMDAwLTYxZjdhZDQwMDAwMCI="

I do not understand what is the problem, everything was fine last time in another IOT Central application. Why is it not working now ? Something has changed in IOT Central DPS requirements ?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Azure IoT Central
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  1. Roman Kiss 2,241 Reputation points


    It looks like, the IoT Central has a problem with a gateway device template (contains a Relationship type) during the provisioning process. When the gateway device template has been loaded into the IoT Central in prior, then everything is working.

    Note, that the provisioning a downstream device included its assigning a device template and attaching to the gateway is working well.


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