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BERNARD Thomas 166 Reputation points

Is it possible the override the timestamp of the telemetry payload ?

When I check raw data from my device in IOT Central application, I see 2 timestamp:

  • The first (timestamp) is provided by my device on its telemetry payload, but it is not used by the application
  • The second (_timestamp) is automatically added by the IOT Central application (I think this is the data reception timestamp)


I want to use only my device's timestamp in the application, because this is the only real accurate value.

Is there anybody who know how to do that ?

Thanks in advance for the help !


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  1. Roman Kiss 2,246 Reputation points

    Hi Thomas,

    The following is my example for sending a telemetry data (using the current protocol MQTT version 3.1.1) to the IoT Central App:

    device3, modelId=dtmi:com:example:TemperatureController;2




    IoT Central App, Raw data:



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  1. Marco Parenzan 0 Reputation points

    Hello everyone.

    Today I have found this interesting thread, I have this issue.

    I have the _eventcreationtime in my Device.

    But when I need to export the message with DataExport, the _eventcreationtime is missing from any input message in the data transformation task.

        "applicationId": "93788c9e-c8de-4068-9bf0-aca8f3e8d326",
        "enqueuedTime": "1903-08-20T14:02:24.939918961Z",
        "messageSource": "telemetry",
        "telemetry": [],
        "device": {
            "id": "p31quw9z6b6z",
            "name": "wireless firewall",
            "templateId": "dtmi:qlayblehl:mtaifsjhnm",
            "templateName": "sentryv3analytics",
            "properties": {
                "reported": []
            "cloudProperties": [],
            "simulated": true,
            "approved": false,
            "blocked": false,
            "provisioned": true,
            "organizations": [
            "organizationPaths": [
                        "id": "root-organization",
                        "displayName": "Root Organization"
                        "id": "leaf-organization",
                        "displayName": "Leaf Organization"

    In that way, outside IoT Central, this information is not available.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.

    Marco Parenzan