Subscribing to /communications/callRecords results with InternalServerError

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Please help, I am creating a small APP that will collect the call infomation from MS Teams.

I have created the APP entry and given the permissions CallRecords.Read.All and User.Read.All as Application (not delegated). I also added my redirect URIs and given admin consent for the various permitions and can see the changes were successful.

I can create a token and verify the token has the required roles via the website.

When I try to make a subscription I am getting the error below.
{"error":{"code":"ExtensionError","message":"Operation: Create; Exception: [Status Code: InternalServerError; Reason: Expected 1 response for tenant lookup for tenant id 11ab2cca***** but received 0]","innerError":{"date":"2022-02-01T11:40:53","request-id":"1c669c7b***** ","client-request-id":"1c669c7b***** "}}}

I am following the and my endpoind is reported OK in postman and if I change the response I get a different error.

My payload is
{ "changeType": "created, updated", "notificationUrl": "", "resource": "/communications/callRecords", "expirationDateTime": "2022-02-02T11:40:48.0000000Z", "clientState": "MySecretState" }

I have verified the tennat id that is being looked for is correct and is also in the token recieved.

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