Consecutive HTTP API call returns VALUE! error in EXCEL using Office JS Custom function

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I'm using Office JS framework to get data from a REST API server endpoint using "Custom Function" in Excel(part of Office 365).
I'm using the YO generator mentioned in the tutorials(
I created a custom function which would call REST endpoint to get the data and the result will be placed in the cell. I used same function in multiple cells to get the data. After a threshold number of consecutive calls VALUE! error is returned in the cell. If I recalculate the VALUE! errored cell, it will return the data.

Please help me resolve this issue.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create Custom function project using the tutorial( and select language Typescript.
  2. Add following function to the \src\functions\functions.ts file. /**
    • Loads data from REST test service.
    • @customfunction TEST_REST_CALL
    • @Paramjeet Dahiya id ID
    • @returns response data.
      export async function testRestCall(id: number) {
      if (isNaN(id) || id === null || id === undefined) {
      throw new CustomFunctions.Error(CustomFunctions.ErrorCode.invalidValue, Please provide a valid argument "ID");
      } var response = await fetch(${id});
      var data = await response.json();
      return data.title;
  3. Use the function "TEST_REST_CALL(2)" in no less than 1000 cells.

You will get following VALUE! error for some of the cells.


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