How to create a server without the OS

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Hi. I'm new at Azure and I try to create a server without a VHDX drive then copy the VHDX drive from my hyper V server and have it boot on Azure. I don't want to load the operating system and all teh software on a new server. That will take to long to configure the new server. I need to have a static IP and firewall. Any documentation on how to achieve this?

Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Machines
An Azure service that is used to provision Windows and Linux virtual machines.
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  1. Prrudram-MSFT 21,886 Reputation points

    Hello @Adrian Mostoghiu ,

    Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A platform. Happy to answer your question.
    one method of creating a VM with an existing disk from on-premises VM is lift and shift method, which is what @Dave Patrick suggested as per prepare-for-upload-vhd-image

    Another most reliable approach is Azure Site Recovery(ASR) migration of on-premises VM to azure. Also called as ASR H2A approach. It doesn't require you to do any manually steps. You need to install ASR agent on Hyper-V host and configure replication, and that would replicate your VM to azure. All that you need to validate is that the VM's OS is supported on Azure. Refer support matrix link here hyper-v-azure-support-matrix
    For complete tutorial of replicating VM from Hyper-V to Azure, follow the link here : hyper-v-azure-tutorial

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  1. Dave Patrick 426.1K Reputation points MVP

    You can follow along here.

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  2. Adrian Mostoghiu 21 Reputation points

    Thank you for the answers but I must do something wrong becasue everyting fail. Not sure if is the amount of space I have in Azure or what else.
    My subscription is with Actionpack and since I have a $100/month included for azure I decide to upload a server that run Kaseya and SQL 2019.
    The subscription I have give me only 3 gb of ram adn I run 64 now on the virtual machine. So I run sysprep on the server that ofcourse messup my existing server then I convert the vhdx to vhd and I use the Azure explorer to upload the vhd file in to the HD containers. I left it all night but on the morning it failed.
    I think I will give up with Azure for now. The reson I want to try is to get more familiar with so eventualy I can see this service to customers that need to replace the onpremises server but based on what I see the cost vs the amount of memory and CPU that a regulars customer use now it's not really worth it. I will stay with the onpremisess servers for a while.
    Not sure I can reward both answers since both are good answers but I will try with the last one and I can I will ad the first one to
    Thank you guys

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