Why does one specific query (itself, not the data returned,) keep going blank?

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Access 2016. I have a macro that runs a bit of code, which creates a query, (which is not run or otherwise involved going forward,) then runs almost a dozen Make Table queries to support the Final Query, and exports the Final Query to Excel, then exits Access.

About 80% of the time that DB opens and that macro runs, (scheduled once a day via task scheduler,) the Final Query export fails with "Query needs a destination field.."

When I go to open that query in design mode, it is empty. No tables or fields, nothing. If I look in SQL, it is empty. There is no SQL, except SELECT:

I have a backup copy of that query, I copy the SQL to the original, and run it, manually, it runs fine. When run next from the task scheduler, repeat from "About 80% of the time."

Any ideas on this one?


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  1. Karl Donaubauer 1,646 Reputation points MVP


    Without knowing any relevant code it's just...


    If your code does sth like
    db.QueryDefs("MyQuery").SQL = "SELECT blabla"

    then don't forget to do a


    in order to have the current version of the query(def) for the export.


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