API Management Developer Portal Redirect HTTP issue

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The OAuth2.0 sign in for the developer portal has had some change. I had it working for almost 2 years and it randomly broke this week and I am getting the following error:

{"code":"Unauthorized","message":{"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"AADSTS500112: The reply address 'http://ams-dev-scus-core.developer.azure-api.net/signin-oauth/code/callback/azure-ad-portal' does not match the reply address 'https://ams-dev-scus-core.developer.azure-api.net/signin-oauth/code/callback/azure-ad-portal' provided when requesting Authorization code.\r\nTrace ID: cf76b018-9de9-4df7-b60d-78d6d08f0500\r\nCorrelation ID: 44c765a8-9e63-423f-ac81-954624713a76\r\nTimestamp: 2022-02-01 22:41:26Z","error_codes":[500112],"timestamp":"2022-02-01 22:41:26Z","trace_id":"cf76b018-9de9-4df7-b60d-78d6d08f0500","correlation_id":"44c765a8-9e63-423f-ac81-954624713a76"}}

I have reviewed every application that is involved in this process and none of them have an "http" based reply URL configured, nor does my OAuth setup on the developer portal. The involved client (the portal app itself) has the correct (https) reply URL configured and the sign in token exchange was working fine. Where on earth is the HTTP coming from?

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    For the Community:

    Apology for the inconvenience due to this issue. The product team has fixed this issue and the ETA for the fix is to be deployed is 2 weeks. In case if someone needs an immediate fix for their APIM instance please tag me so I can create a private comment only for you and you can share your APIM instance name. Appreciate your patience while we will be working with the product team to hotfix your instance.

    Note: Please don't share your APIM instance name publically. Tag me in to assist and I will create a private comment so you can share the details.

    @Kayla.Kirzinger @AUTRET Cedric I have created a private comment. Please share your details only to that private comment.

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