Transfer domain to Azure with Authorization Code

Kartik Kumar | Acura MVZ 1 Reputation point

Hi Folks,

I would like to know if there is any documented way of transfering ownership of a domain to Azure DNS.

Creating a DNS Zone and asking the provider to switch the name servers to Azure is a valiy approach, but in this case the ownership of the domain would still be with the external registrar and I can manage the domain in Azure.

In my case I have an authorization code to transfer the domain and would like to move the ownership to Azure completely.
Found this code on github which creates a zone taking the auth code as a param:

Does that still hold good and is that the right way to go ahead in this case ?


Azure DNS
Azure DNS
An Azure service that enables hosting Domain Name System (DNS) domains in Azure.
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  1. suvasara-MSFT 10,001 Reputation points

    @Kartik Kumar | Acura MVZ , Here is a simple PowerShell script by Jos (Author) to transfer existing domain ownership to Azure DNS along with Authcode.

       Register-AzureRmResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.DomainRegistration  
       $rgName = "NAME OF YOUR RESOURCE GROUP"  
       $ResourceLocation = "Global"  
       $ResourceName = "MYDOMAINNAME.NL"  
       $PropertiesObject = @{  
       'Consent' = @{  
       'AgreementKeys' = @("DNPA","DNTA");  
       'AgreedBy' = ''; #ip address you're running this script from  
       'AgreedAt' = '2017-17-07T08:37:40'; #roughly the current time  
       'authCode' = 'DOMAIN TRANSFER CODE'; #code by current domain provider  
       'Privacy' = 'true';  
       'autoRenew' = 'true';  
       New-AzureRmResource -ResourceName $ResourceName -Location $ResourceLocation -PropertyObject $PropertiesObject -ResourceGroupName $rgName -ResourceType Microsoft.DomainRegistration/domains -ApiVersion 2015-02-01 -Verbose  


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  2. Kartik Kumar | Acura MVZ 1 Reputation point

    Hi @suvasara-MSFT ,

    Thank you for your reply. I found the repository and had linked it in my initial response.

    My question still remains, is this the correct way to go? Since i dont see any concrete documentation from Microsoft on this.

    Does Azure offer Domain registration service or is it just hosting and the ownership still is on a 3rd party side?

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