handling objects in json parsing using python

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I am receiving the device status from iot hub. Response is similar to this

properties: {  
    desired: {  
      Hello: '67',  
      Hey: 1,  
      power_level: 1,  
      '$metadata': [Object],  
      '$version': 27  
     reported: {  
      check: [Object],  
      try: [Object],  
      '$metadata': [Object],  
      '$version': 10  

Since it doesn't seem to be valid, as object comes in key's value. Unable to get the entire packet response over python language.

Using javascript, able to parse data by following way:

Is there a similar way in python to parse and get the entire packet ?

Followed this docs, to get the response from the IOT Hub

iothub_registry_manager = IoTHubRegistryManager(IOTHUB_CONNECTION_STRING)  
 twin = iothub_registry_manager.get_twin(DEVICE_ID)
Azure IoT Hub
Azure IoT Hub
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  1. Sander van de Velde 28,236 Reputation points MVP

    Hello @Maheshwaram Srikaran ,

    you want to access the device twin on a device in the Azure IoT Hub.

    There are several samples available on GitHub accessing the device twin, mostly about patching the desired properties.

    But to show how to access individual desired properties (and reported properties also) I tweaked this sample.

    Here I access the twin:

    # Create IoTHubRegistryManager  
    registry_manager = IoTHubRegistryManager(CONNECTION_STRING)  
    twin = registry_manager.get_twin(DEVICE_ID)  
    print ( "Twin device id:" )  
    print ( twin.device_id )  
    print("Twin desired properties document:")  
    print("Twin desired properties key and value:")  
    for key, value in twin.properties.desired.items():  
        print (key, value)  
    print("Twin reported properties key and value:")  
    for key, value in twin.properties.reported.items():  
        print (key, value)  

    The device twin of my device looks like this:


    To run the code, I have to install this PIP package:

    pip install azure.iot.hub  

    This is the result when I run the code:


    As you can see, I can access both desired and reported properties.

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