USB HID Power Device indication issue

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We would like to make a UPS as a USB HID Power Device which contains 4 batteries. At first I made a simple device that reports the average charge of all 4 batteries to the host. When I connect the device to my computer running Windows 10, I can see a battery icon in the tray with the correct charge level in percent.

The next feature that I would rally like to implement is the ability to see individual charge levels for all the batteries. I made an HID report descriptor containing four UPS application collections, each identical to each other. When I connect the device to the computer and click the battery icon I seem to get the correct average charge level of all the four batteries displayed as the big number. Beneath it there are four lines displaying:

Battery 1: 0% and in use
Battery 2: 0% and in use
Battery 3: 0% and in use
Battery 4: 0% and in use

If I change the status of the batteries as not connected I can even get it to display:

Battery 1: 0%
Battery 2: 0%
Battery 3: 0%
Battery 4: 0%

But no matter what I do I can't manage to get the percentage displayed next to "Battery n:"; it's always at 0%.

I used BatteryMon software which is capable of displaying all the information about each individual battery. There I can see the correct values for the charge capacity in percent for battery 1, battery 2, battery 3, battery 4. This indicates to me that the device is working properly as it transfers the data correctly to the host.

I would be really grateful if somebody could share some advice or point me to a direction where I could learn how to get the percentage for each battery displayed in Windows (if it's even possible).


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