How to deploy Arc Extension Microsoft.Azure.Automation.HybridWorker via REST API

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Hi, I am trying to deploy an Microsoft.Azure.Automation.HybridWorker via powershell and REST API but it fails with the following error:

{"Message":"Specified machineId is not associated with automation account.

This is the method I am used:

$PutHybridRunbookWorkerUri = "$($SubscriptionId)/resourceGroups/$($resourceGroupName)/providers/Microsoft.HybridCompute/machines/$($machineName)/extensions/HybridWorkerExtension?api-version=2021-05-20"
$RequestBodyHybridRunbookWorker = @{
"location" = $($location)
"properties" = @{
"publisher" = "Microsoft.Azure.Automation.HybridWorker"
"type" = "HybridWorkerForWindows"
"typeHandlerVersion" = ""
"autoUpgradeMinorVersion" = $false
"enableAutomaticUpgrade" = $false
"settings" = @{
"AutomationAccountURL" = $AutomationAccountUrl
"protectedSettings" = @{
"primaryaccesskey" = $AutomationAccountKey
} | ConvertTo-Json -depth 3
Invoke-RestMethod -Headers @{Authorization = "Bearer $token" } -Body $RequestBodyHybridRunbookWorker -Uri $PutHybridRunbookWorkerUri -Method put -ContentType "application/json"

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

Peter Smit

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Accepted answer
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    <<Sharing the solution for the benefit of other community members who might be looking for an answer to similar issue>>

    Steps involved to deploy Arc extension HRW (hybrid runbook worker) are:

    1. To create HRW group
    2. To confirm HRW group creation
    3. To generate a GUID and create HRW URI
    4. To confirm HRW creation make a get call
    5. To retrieve Automation Account Hybrid Service URL
    6. To create the extension


    $subscriptionId = "" #Automation Account sub id  
    $automationAccountName = "" #Automation account name  
    $resourceGroupName = "" #Automation Account RG  
    $token = (get-azaccesstoken).Token  
    $hybridRunbookWorkerGroupName = "" # HRWG group to be created  
    $ARCSubscriptionId = "" #ARC machine sub id  
    $ARCresourceGroupName = "" #ARC machine RG  
    $ARCmachineName = "" #ARC machine name  
    $ARCMachinelocation = "" # ARC Machine location  
    $ARCServerResourceId = "/subscriptions/$ARCSubscriptionId/resourceGroups/$ARCresourceGroupName/providers/Microsoft.HybridCompute/machines/$ARCmachineName"  
    #Update all the above varialbles before using the below script  
    #Create HRW Group URI  
    $headers = @{Authorization = "Bearer $token"}  
    $createHRWGroupuri = "$subscriptionId/resourceGroups/$resourceGroupName/providers/Microsoft.Automation/automationAccounts/$automationAccountName/hybridRunbookWorkerGroups/$($hybridRunbookWorkerGroupName)?api-version=2021-06-22"  
    $contentType = "application/json"      
    $body = @{} | ConvertTo-Json  
    $response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $createHRWGroupuri -Method PUT -Headers $headers -Body $body -ContentType $contentType  
    #To Confirm HRW Group Creation  
    (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $createHRWGroupuri -Method Get -Headers $headers).Content  
    #Generate HRW id  
    $hrwId = New-Guid  
    #Create HRW URI  
    $createHRWuri = "$subscriptionId/resourceGroups/$resourceGroupName/providers/Microsoft.Automation/automationAccounts/$automationAccountName/hybridRunbookWorkerGroups/$hybridRunbookWorkerGroupName/hybridRunbookWorkers/$($hrwId)?api-version=2021-06-22"  
    $body = @"  
    "properties":{"vmResourceId": "$ARCServerResourceId"}  
    $response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $createHRWuri -Method PUT -Headers $headers -Body $body -ContentType $contentType  
    #To Confirm HRW Creation make a get  
    (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $createHRWuri -Method Get -Headers $headers).Content   
    ##### HRW is not Visible yet in the portal#####  
    #Retrieve Automation Account Hybrid URL  
    $automationAccountInfouri = "$subscriptionId/resourceGroups/$resourceGroupName/providers/Microsoft.Automation/automationAccounts/$($automationAccountName)?api-version=2021-06-22"  
    $automationHybridServiceUrl = ((Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $automationAccountInfouri -Method Get -Headers $headers).Content) | ConvertFrom-Json | Select -expand properties | Select -expand automationHybridServiceUrl  
    $CreateARCExtensionUri = "$ARCSubscriptionId/resourceGroups/$ARCresourceGroupName/providers/Microsoft.HybridCompute/machines/$ARCmachineName/extensions/HybridWorkerExtension?api-version=2021-05-20"  
    $CreateARCExtensionBody = @{  
        'location'   = $($ARCMachinelocation)  
        'properties' = @{  
            'publisher'               = 'Microsoft.Azure.Automation.HybridWorker'  
            'type'                    = 'HybridWorkerForWindows'  
            'typeHandlerVersion'      = ''  
            'autoUpgradeMinorVersion' = $false  
            'enableAutomaticUpgrade'  = $false  
            'settings'                = @{  
                'AutomationAccountURL' = $automationHybridServiceUrl  
    } | ConvertTo-Json -depth 2  
    #Create the Extension  
    Invoke-WebRequest  -Uri $CreateARCExtensionUri -Method PUT -Headers $headers -Body $CreateARCExtensionBody -ContentType $contentType  










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