Outlook Calendar - Updating Meeting Invite Issue & the Option to select notify added/deleted attendees is not available

Edith Badkar 41 Reputation points

I have been having inconsistent Outlook meeting invitation problems. I use app on my desktop and I am an editor on my boss's calendar:

1) When I open a recurring meeting on a calendar that I am delegate and editor and select to modify the one appointment in the series, and I add a new Attendee, and once I click on Send Update it automatically sends a meeting cancelation to the original attendee and only invites the new attendee.

2) Also, before sending the meeting update it does not give me the option to Send updates only to added or deleted attendees or Send updates to all attendees, and sends the update to everyone if I have a large group. Why does MS remove features and change without notification to users.

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  1. Peter Liebhardt 86 Reputation points

    I had a similar issue with a user and found the solution for her.

    After some googling I found out that this is a part of the 'Microsoft 365 Features' specifically 'Shared Calendar Improvements' which is default on OWA. On the Windows application you can turn this off by doing the following:

    1. Right click Mailbox
    2. Data File Properties...
    3. Advanced...
    4. 'Advanced' tab
    5. Untick 'Turn on shared calendar improvements'


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  1. Saverio 1 Reputation point

    Do you have any news to this Problem ?


  2. Jodi Martin 0 Reputation points

    HI Am having this issue also and already have the 365 Features button checked. This is really a problem for EA's who need to manager their executive Calander as all attendees get updated each time a change to a meeting is made. Eg new person added or removed.

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  3. Shon Wiginton 0 Reputation points

    I'd like to say I'm having same issues not only with my calendar but also my VP's calendar. I'll set up a meeting for recurring & then he will want me to add attendees however once I do there's only the option to send. We have attendees that are not part of our organization (can't share calendar due to HIPPA) and when they hit the reply all to send out notes or other things related to our meeting the new attendees that were added do not show up on their end. They want me to delete the series and start fresh but then what if I have to add a new person then each time I'd have to redo this entire series. VERY FRUSTRATING!! Help!

  4. Rosa Alden 105 Reputation points


    I faced the same issue with Outlook Calendar. To solve the problem, I found that Microsoft had made some changes to the app. To prevent the meeting cancellation and invite only the new attendee, I now edit the meeting, add the new attendee, and choose "Don't Send a Response" before clicking on "Send Update." This way, the original attendee won't receive a cancellation notice.

    As for the missing option to notify added/deleted attendees, I discovered that it now automatically sends updates to all attendees. To address this, I now make sure to double-check the attendee list before sending updates for large groups to avoid unnecessary notifications.

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