Using Azure Data Factory to send TSV files to a Snowflake stage, and it is escaping certain characters incorrectly.

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I am using a Azure Data Factory pipeline to move compressed TSV files from an on-prem file share to a ADLS share that acts as a Snowflake stage, so we can move it to a Snowflake table.

The problem is when the combination of a backslash and a newline character are found at the end of a line in the file, ADF will escape the backslash character correctly by adding a double-slash ('\'), but it will then 'forget' to escape the newline character. This is leading to many of these type of error coming out of Snowflake stage:

Found character '\\' instead of field delimiter '\t' File '<*file_name*>', line 6134, character 58 Row 6132 starts at line 6133, column "TRANSIENT_STAGE_TABLE"[321]  

My DelimitedText linked service for the Sink has escape character set to a blackslash (). Again, the problem this causes is when I have a backslash at the end of a string value, which exists in my data quite a bit.

This issue seems to be extremely similar to this one, listed below. One of our data engineers already worked on this previously and believe it to be a bug within Azure Data Factory.


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  1. ShaikMaheer-MSFT 37,896 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Leif Starbuck ,

    Thank you for posting query in Microsoft Q&A Platform.

    I reproduced your scenario. used tsv file from ADLS source folder(Data folder in my case) as source and copied it ADLS sink folder(output folder in my case). I don't see errors while performed copy using copy data activity.

    Please check below screenshots for detailed idea.

    Source File:

    Source dataset in ADF:

    Sink Dataset in ADF:

    Sink file after copy:

    Hope this will help. If not, Please share your sample file data to repro with your data too. Thank you.


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