Get the current selection on PowerPoint Add-In

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I'm developing a Add-in for PowerPoint that inserts images in the document.

I'm currently able to insert the image, but what I'm not able to do is to replace a current selected image.
So, for example, imagine that

  1. The user added an image available on the Add-in, inside an empty slide
  2. He then selected this image and wants to replace it with another one also available on the Add-in
  3. He clicks/selects the slide image, and then clicks on the image inside the Add-in that he wants to replace.

But I'm not able to get his selection with the Office API.

Can someone help me?

My current code is like this:

  const insertFile = (binaryStr: string) => {
    const dataOptions = {
      coercionType: Office.CoercionType.Image,

    Office.context.document.setSelectedDataAsync(binaryStr, dataOptions, (result) => {
      if (result.status === Office.AsyncResultStatus.Failed) {
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