Service user creation - used to create Microsoft 365 Groups / Teams

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Hi everyone,

i have the task to create a user that can create M365 groups / Teams by a trigger coming from CRM. I know there might be better ways to do this - but i am not the developer.

It is an easy task if you do not have a naming convention in place, but we have. I cannot take the naming convention back - because i separate the user created teams from the official teams and sites that way.

So the service user should be able to create groups with custom naming.
But i want it least privilege - so adding it to a group that can override this setting (like global admin or user admin) - would be my last option.
Is there any way to scope "naming conventions" on a specific group?

Would be great if anyone knows a solution here (creating an enterprise app for this - will not be possible).

Best regards

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    Hi everyone,

    solution was to create an enterprise app and add the usermgmt role to it. So it does not care about the naming conventions.


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  1. answered 2020-08-20T15:19:42.593+00:00
    Alfredo Revilla (MSFT) 15,561 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    The least permissive would be to add the service user to the Teams Service Administrator role.

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