Storage Spaces says it uses 11TB more than it actually is.

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I am currently moving data off storage spaces onto another drive because of the 63TB limit and I cannot remove the drive because it says it's still using that amount of space.

It says it's using 44.4TB but both WizTree and Explorer add up to 33.3TB

I've Optimised Drive Usage and have restarted the PC but it still shows the number.

I moved a lot of the data to another drive last night.

I'm having to move data to spare drives just so that I can hopefully remove the pool to then re-add to Drive Pool.

I didn't want to add the Storage Pool directly to Drive Pool as I didn't know if would cause any issues and hadn't read anything online about it.



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    To anyone having this issue also, I managed to somewhat resolve it by running this command in powershell

    Optimize-Volume -DriveLetter P -ReTrim –Verbose   

    This trimmed up about 6.6TB up space just with that command, this reduced the storage spaces enough to then be able to remove one of the drives.

    I was also copying data back onto the drive and then permanently deleting it, before I was moving the data instead of copying it, it may have confused itself. Once the data was copied back, I then deleted it off the disk which cleaned up some of the space back.

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