Where does these tasks come from ???

KeldSor 331 Reputation points

My TastManager sometimes shows a lot (10-15) of "Microsoft Edge WebView2" each taking up some 10-18Mb memory !

Whats the cause of these tasks - I NEVER uses Edge and never will !

How can I prevent them to emerge ?

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  1. Andreas Baumgarten 67,721 Reputation points MVP

    Hi @KeldSor ,

    maybe this helps: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/

    The Microsoft Edge WebView2 control allows you to embed web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) in your native apps.

    It looks like an installed app on your computer is using the Microsoft Edge WebView2.


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    Andreas Baumgarten

  2. KeldSor 331 Reputation points

    Where can I check that it isn't my VS2022 that references this control without me knowing ?

  3. Andreas Baumgarten 67,721 Reputation points MVP

    Hi @KeldSor ,

    if you take a look here you can see how WebView2 SDK is added:

    There are more examples in the "Get started"§ section on the left navigation bar on the webpage.


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    Andreas Baumgarten

  4. Castorix31 69,256 Reputation points

    You can use Process Monitor to trace processes creation
    For example, when I use IRP_MJ_CREATE Operation and I launch a VB application where I use the WebView2 control, I get the path of my application :


  5. KeldSor 331 Reputation points

    I just want to shut OFF the setting in my VS2022 that creates these tasks !

    I can't find any reference to "Microsoft Edge WebView2" anywhere !

    Could it be referenced as a part of another 'reference' ?

    It SEEMS like these tasks are generated by the TastManager !!!!!!!!!

    When I run my program in the VS2022 (just a simple program for listing processes - NO use of any 'Microsoft Edge WebView2' at all !) these tasks DON'T come up, when I update the TaskManager window - but when I CLOSE and starts the TaskManager again - the taks are there ... 9 of them !!!!!!

    WHat is wrong here ?