Windows Server 2022 STD - IIS Doesn't seem to bind certificate when using Centralized Certificate Store together with common DNS entry.

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I have a strange issue which I'm struggling with.

I have two VM based Windows 2022 STD GUI servers with one IIS site configured. I'm using Centralized Certificate Store - CCS as well as well as Shared configuration and content.

The CCS uses a file share. Same share for the content. The configuration is local on both servers replicated via DFS. That part works fine.

Here's the problem: I made a DNS round robin in order to access the servers under the same name. So far so good. It works typically for a little while then I get this error:
![171878-image.png][1] (Surely dependent which server I actually hit).

If I access the servers individually like this https://server1.domain.xx - https://server2.domain.xx it just works fine.

I wonder why this is annoying issue arises. Obviously I've done something wrong. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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  1. Steen Jensen 6 Reputation points

    I guess making a support ticket would require a subscription of some kind? Because I get this when I'm trying to open a ticket:

    'We were unable to find an eligible support plan associated with your account. Please add a support plan from the options below.'

    Unless I've missed something.