C# dll using C++ app (crossplatform)

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I want use c# dll inside C++ program. I found several methods how to do it on internet, but there is no info (or I can't find it) how to do it crossplatform.

  • no C++/CLI, because it is only for Windows
  • maybe COM? but I am not sure if it is crossplatform

if possible I want export c# class and use it in C++ similar to C++ inside C#. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/xamarin/cross-platform/cpp/

also, can I provide functions to the C# dll from C++ and call it inside C#?
I also like to add some pointers for C# and use it inside C#.

I know there is Net. Core and If I know, it can produce native code? If yes, can I create with Net Core native dll and use it inside crossplatform C++ program?

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  1. YujianYao-MSFT 4,281 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Code Wanderer ,

    For calling C# DLL you can refer to the COM method in the link.The tlb file is a com type library file, which contains interface-related information and is called by "#import xxx.tlb".

    1. You need to set the C# DLL to be registered for com interop.
    2. Copy the regasm.exe file to the dll directory.
    3. Open CMD, cd into the directory where the dll is located, and enter the command: regasm XXX.dll /tlb
    4. Import it into the C++ project with #import directive. ( #import "../../XXX/debug/XXX.tlb")

    Other questions about you:
    Using the CLR with reference to this link is a good approach, but it won't work cross-platform.
    You could write classes in a C# DLL and call them in C++, similarly, you could write functions in a C++ DLL and call them in C#, but I think you could write in C++ what needs to be called from C++, And write what needs to be called in C# in C#.

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