VS 2022 New Console App project will not build - Microsoft.NETCore.App dependency exclamation point

Dan Push 1 Reputation point

I installed VS 2022 Community, but when I create a new Console App (.NET 6) the entire "Dependencies" section in the Solution Explorer shows an exclamation point
I can't build the project or do much of anything

I've tried...
removed other versions of VS (2019)
reinstalled VS2022
"dotnet restore" in the project folder
moved "C:\Program Files\dotnet\" PATH value to top of list
restarted my PC after each of these steps

I'm running Windows 10 Enterprise (20H2)

Please help!



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  1. Bruce (SqlWork.com) 54,626 Reputation points

    right click on the dependency and open folder. the ref folder inside should have the dll's.

    if the folder is missing, then you probably need the sdk installed.

    dir C:\"Program Files"\dotnet\packs\Microsoft.NETCore.App.Ref\6.0.1
     Volume in drive C has no label.
     Volume Serial Number is 3267-69D9
     Directory of C:\Program Files\dotnet\packs\Microsoft.NETCore.App.Ref\6.0.1
    01/14/2022  11:34 AM    <DIR>          .
    01/14/2022  11:34 AM    <DIR>          ..
    01/14/2022  11:34 AM    <DIR>          analyzers
    01/14/2022  11:34 AM    <DIR>          data
    01/14/2022  11:34 AM    <DIR>          ref
                   0 File(s)              0 bytes
                   5 Dir(s)  184,519,589,888 bytes free

  2. Francisco Malpartida 1 Reputation point

    I have the exact same problem on my end!

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  3. Foon Lam 1 Reputation point

    I had the same problem. I could not find the "AlwaysCreate" property they mentioned, but I did manage to find it when I opened up the ".vdproj" file with Notepad and did a search for it. So you need to change the value frpm "FALSE" to "TRUE" in "AlwaysCreate" = "11:FALSE". There are multiple of them, so make sure you change them all.

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